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Getting your pendulum ready!

Upon arriving your pendulum is almost ready for use. Our vintage pieces are combined with precious metals, energy stones and crystals. Here are a few ways to cleanse your crystal before use.

  • Sunlight- place your pendulum in sunlight to use the sun’s energy to cleanse and burn any extra elements from the vintage pieces previous owners. We cleanse our items before shipping but the best way to ensure your item is truly unique to your energy is to cleanse by light.
  • Moonlight- charging and cleansing your pendulum in moonlight is a common practice for cleansing stones and divination tools.

We recommend that you avoid using water, and salt for cleansing your pendulum. Due to the vintage crystals and precious stones this could result in damaging your item.

Commence Use!

Raven & Rose Witches have provided each pendulum with a spell to attune energy from you to your pendulum. This spell can help you get in the meditative focus to concentrate your personal power to begin the many practices of pendulum magic.

Magic of a Pendulum

Pendulums most common use are to ask questions with answers:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Need More Information
Example of Pendulum Board

Pendulum magic is unique to each person. My personal experience has taught me if I don’t have a pendulum board the best way to get accuracy of foresight is to start with establishing what is Yes and No. What this means is when I handle my pendulum I ask it “Is my name Callista Raven?” The method it which it swings (clockwise or counter clockwise) tells me what direction is “Yes”. Then I try my sister’s name and with that question I get which directions is proclaimed “No.” Many books can tell you that a direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) is always yes or no but I have found with unique elemental items that asking this question lets me know my pendulums energy.

When your pendulum moves erratically this can mean that fate is not yet certain. Your answer is not set in stone and forces outside your control are still making direction actions that have not unfolded. An example of this is when i ask my pendulum about a question that I have two options where could make it may stop moving clockwise or counter clock wise and start moving diagonally.

Speed of your pendulum can indicate how close the subject or answer is to you. The more energy in movement correlates with the certainty of the answer.

Pendulums are not just for answer questions. My pendulums hold precious stones and crystals that are not easily found. I invoke my personal practice with combining my pendulum with healing spells, candles, and infusing energy into talismans for my daily use.

There is a pendulum for everyone. Feel free to provide below comments on how you use your pendulum. If you wish to expand the use of your pendulum check out our spirit boards.

Spirit Boards come by many different names such as pendulum board, and Ouija boards. These boards are tools used with pendulums. Some boards are as simple as Yes, No, Maybe, Need More Information or a full alphabet. Any spirit board can be used with a pendulum to ask your guides or your personal power to divine the information you seek.

Want to see an example of divination in practice?

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