Authentic Native American Malachite and Sterling Silver Necklace


This mystical vintage curated piece upholds Raven & Rose Witches’ sacred mission to infuse your daily keepsakes with an enchanting aura of energy and style.

Infuse your daily wardrobe with energy and style with this high-quality, vintage piece curated by Raven & Rose Witches. This 20-inch strand features hand-rolled Malachite beads enhanced with sterling silver, complete with a charming canoe charm for added character.


Malachite is a heart chakra stone that radiates energy to bring flexibility and encourage transformation. It can help you find the courage and inner strength to advance in life and say “I can and I will.” Malachite is also a powerful heart chakra healer that dissolves negative energy and promotes self-love and trust. Use it for chakra cleansing, aura clearing, meditation, yoga, or to create a sanctuary of strength and inner power in your home.


Get this vintage Native American Malachite and Sterling Silver strand and feel the healing power of this amazing gemstone.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 2 in


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