The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot


The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot invites all to tap into the energy of the Divine Feminine and reclaim the tarot as a tool for self-care, spiritual growth, and self-actualization.  Tarot was created when the patriarchy maintained tight control over the roles that women were allowed to assume. As a result, most decks overlook women’s rich religious and spiritual status throughout history.  The Sacred Sisterhood Tarot is a complete reimagining—it happens when we open every card in the deck to feminine energy.  True sisterhood is about coming together in a sacred space to support one another—no matter how you identify.

Readers will learn about spreads, shuffling techniques, and cleansing practices in the accompanying guidebook.  Detailed keywords and meanings are provided for all 78 cards, whether upright or reversed.  This tarot set is also an international collaboration between Ashawnee DuBarry, an intuitive tarot reader based in New Jersey, and Coni Curie, an Argentine artist.  The cards were created to resemble vintage posters with a modern edge and feature the original French name for each Major Arcana, such as La Papesse for the High Priestess and Le Diable for the Devil.  The number system and minor Arcana follow the traditional Rider-Waite-Smith convention.

Through the imagery, keywords, card meanings, and an exploration of female symbolism, readers will be instilled with confidence in their feminine power and a deeper understanding of a centuries-old craft.

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