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Energize the purpose, knowledge, and potential within you to empower your heart and transform your tomorrow. Featuring gorgeous artwork by Selina Fenech and a card stand, this 36-card deck is a rich compendium of fascination, insight, ritual, symbolism, and divination. Plus, the guidebook by Serene Conneelley provides step-by-step spell work, visualizations, associations, and exercises for ushering in a charmed life.


This comprehensive magical resource helps you create sacred space, understand moon phases, work with nature’s cycles, and more. You’ll journey into initiation and possibility, set nurturing boundaries, and shape your reality with the support of deities, herbs, crystals, and colors. Believe in your innate powers of creation and charge your world with wonder—now and always.


“We wish you so much joy as you connect with the cards, develop your special relationship with them, and deepen your awareness of your inner strength, wisdom, and light.”—Serene & Selina.

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