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A Profound Reservoir of Knowledge



Delve into a wealth of information encompassing a bygone era and its enchanting mystical practices. Explore the enigmatic realm of tarot cards, decipher their intricate meanings, and discover the art of card utilization.


This tarot deck remains faithful to the classical structure of the period that birthed tarot, comprising a 22-card central arcana deck and a minor arcana composed of four suits: cups, wands, coins, and swords. These tarot images collectively distill the essence of the Western esoteric tradition, weaving an endless narrative. Whether you employ them as oracles or embark on meditative journeys to unravel their more profound mysteries, we believe the cards should eloquently convey their wisdom without needing elaborate commentaries or esoteric expertise.


The accompanying book offers intriguing techniques for working with the cards, including spreads and an in-depth exploration of the memory techniques employed by alchemists during this era.


Rediscovering a Renaissance Marvel


At the book’s conclusion lies a largely forgotten treasure from the annals of Renaissance magic—the creation of a memory theatre or memory palace. While this method may have gained recent popularity through the BBC Sherlock series, it is, in fact, an ancient art that English magicians would have practiced during the heyday of this tarot deck. Many may find this technique entirely new and fascinating, and we are thrilled to reintroduce it.



This captivating new tarot deck immerses you in the vibrant, yet often concealed, world of English magic, invoking a golden age of mysticism when luminaries such as John Dee served as Queen Elizabeth’s Court Astrologer, antiquarian John Aubrey unearthed ancient sacred sites, and the brilliant physicist Isaac Newton delved into the secrets of alchemy.



The English Magic Tarot situates the cards within the colorful and tumultuous backdrop of English history, spanning from the reign of Henry VIII to the Restoration. In this era of profound transformation, archetypal forces were at play, rendering it the perfect milieu for the tarot’s symbolism. Crafted by the renowned artist Rex Van Ryn, colorist Steve Dooley, and writer Andy Letcher, this deck boasts a dynamic graphic style. It offers a fresh perspective on traditional images, embedding riddles, references, and lore, beckoning users to explore deeper into the cards’ mysteries and meanings.



As the inaugural tarot deck explicitly draws inspiration from the English magical tradition, The English Magic Tarot paves a new and enriching path into the world of tarot. It promises to captivate novices and seasoned tarot practitioners, inviting them to unlock the secrets hidden within its cards.

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