Enchanted Voodoo Doll

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This is no ordinary Voodoo Doll. Instead, this is enchanted by Callista.


As I wrap this doll with twine,

The wheel will turn and bring the change I divine.

Your photo or object is all I need to ensure the change is complete.

Be ready for what is to come,

This magic is strong and can’t be undone.

 Included in this kit is the following:

    Protection oil


Be careful about what you wish for and be ready for potent change.

You may not see all change immediately but know its influence remains.


Email photos of the individual to Ravenrosewitches@outlook.com

The image must not have anyone but the person the voodoo is meant. Contact me if you want to mail me a personal effect of the person instead of a photo.

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4 reviews for Enchanted Voodoo Doll

  1. MICHAEL C. (store manager)

    My boyfriend was not committing and dumped me.  I knew the relationship was over but how it ended was painful for me.  I was the giver.  I just wanted him to know in his heart all the effort I put into his life. I supported him with everything!  I worked in his flower shop and created beauty.  My flowers styles sold more than his and he became jealous.  His gardens at his lovely home I placed with such care.  I even had a friend help me over a long weekend pull weeds, plant flowers, and place happy fairy circles to invoke fae joy and sacred space.  Callista chanted with me “May you see the fairy circles in your yard and think of how I was willing to drive 1.5 hours far.”  “May you see the large moss wall and feel the energy dissolve.”  “May your heart reap what you sow with all the games you played as the wheel turns your Karma is your fate.”  Wow a year later I heard the unspeakable news.  He did feel those feelings.  The magic we created dissolved.  He fell into a depression and his business struggled after I left.   This voodoo doll had last effects that I never knew.  Luck ran out and this Ex understood that the magic provided to him was no longer on borrowed time.

  2. DEB S. (store manager)


    “My new boss was not reasoning and had a history of micromanaging.  I needed her to concentrate on her own work and leave me to complete mine.  I had worked there for 15 years and grew a successful program.  This new boss always brought toxicity and wasted a lot of peoples energy.  This spells were scary good and within a week of the voodoo doll being crafted my boss went into the hospital.  Callista was careful to advise that I not bring harm to myself with this spell and used statements such as “May you find time to focus on your needs so I can grow my program successfully.” “May your reap what you sow.  I beseech you leave to leave me alone.”  She was in the hospital for a week and learn she had a terrible illness.  She didn’t come back to work for a couple months so she could focus on her health and family needs.  Just as I asked!  This doll was not a pretty thing by any stretch but wow the power within worked turning the wheel of Karma.  I was transferred to a new supervisor after the first month.

  3. Jasmine R. (verified owner)

    The best product I could’ve ever purchased.
    I purchased this voodoo doll on the behalf of my boyfriend that is trying to get a divorce from my nasty ex and is finically supporting her in another state and she won’t sign the divorce degree and the case would need to be thrown out in 2 month. Upon 2 days of the magic working the ring that his to be ex gave him that is his favorite he removed due to itching on his finger. I believe was the bonds breaking due to the magic of the doll
    I instructed this high priestess to put dollar bills attached inside the doll because of the financial squeeze within one week of this doll being created, the nasty to be ex is under investigation, and will be in court for financial fraud this doll worth every penny, and then some.

    Image #1 from Jasmine R.
  4. Jasmine R. (verified owner)

    Theives never prosper, This voodoo doll was purchased after a thief, went into hiding to not be found. After this doll,was created this person was found and is being brought to justice. All things that were hidden are being brought to light. I would recommend this purchase as it helps the karmas wheel turn the buyers favor.

    Image #1 from Jasmine R.

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