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The Baroque Tarot Deck, is inspired by an architectural and artistic style. The Baroque style was developed and used in countless churches across Europe through the seventeenth to the nineteenth century. Much like its namesake, the deck aims to express a celebration of the divine, seeking salvation from the dark, guiding us throughout our journey from the poverty of the soul to spiritual richness and fulfillment.

This deck calls the user to care for their soul with much love, to open their heart and mind to learn their lessons and better themselves, and to have faith that all will unravel as it should. The design paints reality with very rough, brief strokes, the art acknowledging our mortality, pain, unfairness, lonesomeness, and hardships. Acknowledgment and actively working through the hardship rather than denying the hardship are some of the steps towards healing.

It also depicts our higher spiritual guides wishing to help us.  I thus believe, when designing this deck, that it is best suited for all kinds of spirit-work, whether channeling spirit guides, guardian angels, or whichever higher force you turn to guidance towards.

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