Protecting Yourself Beyond the Craft: Authenticity Matters

Written by: Callista Raven, September 11, 2023

In the tapestry of spirituality, the art of tarot cards traces its roots to 15th-century Italy. What initially manifested as playful cards for games soon underwent a profound transformation. By the 18th century, tarot cards had emerged as potent tools for divination and self-discovery. Similarly, oracle cards can be traced to the 19th century in France and have since evolved, offering diverse guidance for divination and inspiration. These cards, whether tarot or oracle, have the potential to accompany you on your spiritual journey, shaping a profoundly personal and meaningful experience.

**The Bewitching Perils of Counterfeit Cards**

As you embark upon your mystical journey into the realms of tarot and oracle, you must heed a crucial warning—counterfeit decks do cause harm. Counterfeit cards cast a malevolent shadow on your practice and the artists pouring their souls into crafting these sacred creations. The enchantment of authenticity holds immeasurable power, and here’s why it must always be your guiding light:

1. The Artist’s Well of Inspiration Runs Dry

Counterfeit cards deplete the well of inspiration for the talented artists behind the original decks. These creators deserve recognition and fair compensation for their artistry, which is more than a mere commodity—it’s a sacred expression of their souls.

2. Ensnared in a Web of Deception

Counterfeit decks, like dark spells, craft treacherous webs of deceit. They might lure you into scanning barcodes, downloading suspicious files, or sharing your sacred digital credentials on Google Drive. In this process, you unwittingly expose personal and mystical data to lurking hackers who, like patient sorcerers, await chances to exploit your trust.

**Unveiling the Secrets of Counterfeit Enchantment**

Mastering the art of detecting counterfeit decks is crucial. Here are some tips:

1. Beware the Allure of Bewitching Bargains

Deals that appear too enchanting to resist often conceal malevolent charms. Authentic decks typically bear price tags ranging from $20 to $150. Approach deals that significantly deviate from this range with discernment.

2. Guard Against the Sorcery of QR Barcodes

Counterfeit decks often bear fraudulent barcodes as their sinister sigils. Authentic decks, especially self-published by their creators, may carry barcodes but will never demand access to your email login credentials.

3. The Absence of a Guidebook Casts a Dark Spell

A full-sized tarot deck without an accompanying guidebook often raises suspicions of a counterfeit, while mini tarot decks may omit guidebooks.

4. Absence of Publisher Information

Counterfeit decks may obscure their origins, omit publisher information, and claim to hail from China. In contrast, authentic decks proudly display precise publishing details.

5. Card Stock Quality—A Potion of Authenticity

The majority of authentic decks are crafted from luxurious card stock.   If the cards feel flimsy and betray a sense of poor quality, you may be clutching a counterfeit curse.

6. The Artistry Spell—a Bewitching Discrepancy

Masters of the mystical arts, including publishers and artists, dedicate themselves to preserving their craft’s sanctity. If the visuals on your deck significantly differ from those on the publisher’s website, beware of a potential counterfeit.

**Break the Counterfeit Curse**

Before casting judgment and invoking the wrath of the metaphysical realm upon a store or friend for gifting you a counterfeit deck, remember that not all who tread these paths are privy to the proper channels. Mistakes can occur, and the intention behind the act may not be malicious but born of a desire to offer you a magical treasure. Here’s what you can do:

– Maintain open lines of communication with the shop or seller from whom you procured the deck, for unity strengthens the mystical forces against this true evil.

– Request a refund or exchange, trading the counterfeit enchantment for a genuine one.

– If you do not receive a favorable response, invoke the ancient rites of your bank to seek restitution. However, remember that the path of least resistance often lies through the mystical channels of the shop or seller.

-Sellers who unwittingly deal in counterfeits may seek remedy through their bank and directly from the fraudster.

**In Closing: Embracing Authentic Magic**

Tarot and oracle decks are vessels of authentic magic, a tapestry woven with ancient wisdom and keys that unlock the mysteries of your fate. Safeguarding their authenticity honors both the creators and your spiritual quest. Always remember that genuine decks never bear QR codes, their card stock radiates quality, and their publishing information is proudly etched upon their box. Armed with knowledge, these cards’ timeless and bewitching wisdom will illuminate your mystical path.

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