Spirit Board Guides

Learn how to use our Spirit Boards

Getting Started

  • Place board on a flat surface
  • Program your Tools (Pendulum or Planchette/Pointer)
  • Ask your Questions

Remember to always ask Permission “May I?”, “Can I?” and declare all answers for “your highest good” at the beginning of all sessions.

This board is one of the most common since it allows you to ask a variety of questions that can be answered with a simple response.

Different Boards

Here are some types of boards that are most common:

Pendulum Boards– these are boards below are the most commonly used a pendulum, watch, or necklace.

  • Yes, No, Maybe, Rephrase– This board speaks for itself and is used with direct questions.
  • Health Boards– What things in our health need more love and attention? This board is great for pulling us out of our emotions to align our bodies with improvements that impact our mental health.
  • Relationship Boards– Guidance for how to hand our relationships in work or life are great when we can focus on our energy into betterment.
  • Numbers– These type of boards have numbers on the in order to tell you percentages or degree of your answers.

Ouija Boards– The planchette or pointer is a somewhat heart-shaped piece with an “eye” that moves around the board when your hands are in place, stopping on certain letters for you to record, ultimately ending with a message. Depending on who you ask – the board works in different fashions – some believe it is an “ideomotor effect,” where the users are moving the planchette subconsciously. Being unaware that you’re causing something to physically move is certainly more frightening than spirits. Others, like myself, believe the latter. Spirits can manipulate their environment – be it through radio noise, recording static, light, or hands-on a planchette – to communicate and it is the spirit guiding the users to relay their messages.

Beckie-Ann Galentine

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